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First of all, there’s a pretty good chance you have a question that we might have not listed below, so we want you to know that we will answer any wheel question you have. We love talking to our customers and helping them in anyway we possible can. We also love to educate you, the customer, about your wheels. Ok, maybe we’re a little weird that way, but WE LOVE WHEELS!

So If your specific question isn’t listed below, just call us!

Where does my wheel come from?

Most wheels these days are manufactured in a different country for the U.S. Auto companies. Some factory wheels are made in the United States, China, Korea, Germany and several countries that we are learning about each year.

What is the process for refurbishing wheels?

To summarize without all the technical jargon; we remove the entire surface paint and clearcoat. Then we repair where needed, i.e. straighten or repair the minor surface abrasions. Then we repaint to match the factory finish. Where the surface is a machined appearance the wheel undergoes this process and then a layer of powder clear coat is applied to protect your wheel from corrosion.

When will I receive my wheels?

We have several shipping centers across the U.S. Based on your location, we will ship from the closest location to you. Most cases you will receive your product within 2-3 days if you are in a regular route of UPS.

Do you sell used wheels?

No, we only sell new or professionally refurbished “original equipment” wheels online.

Will you exchange my used wheels for reconditioned wheels?

No. We only sell you the wheel(s) you need. If you are looking to make some money selling your wheels, we would suggest an online auction site or local classifieds.

How do I know what wheel finish I have?

GREAT QUESTION! If you are not able to tell, just send us a quick email picture and we can call you or email you back to help you.

What does O.E.M mean?

OEM or (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifies your wheel is one that was originally came on the vehicle at the time of manufacture. This doesn’t always mean the wheels that came on it when you purchased the vehicle from the car lot or dealership. Some auto re-sellers install after-market or custom wheels that are not OEM wheels.